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Posted on: 26th Oct 2009

It is said that if the employees of an organization bond well with each, the work can be carried out more effectively and efficiently. Employees must be given opportunities to interact with each other socially. This is exactly what Thomas Cook (Mauritius) did and a session of Mountain Climbing was planned to Le Pouce Mountain located in the Moka range.

Le Pouce offers some very magnificent views over the North – West of the island on a clear day, the coastline of the North and East of the island can be also be seen. Although the route is steep in some places, it is a moderate climb in all. It can be accomplished by any level of climber and this is what motivated our amateur “mountaineers” to begin their journey.

The climbers began at about 9 o’ clock in the morning and reached the summit after nearly two hours of following a rigorous trail. They passed through the dense sugarcane fields taking a view of the carpet – like green grass below and serene environment around them. After all, who wants to miss out on such an opportunity! Even during the climb, one could see the nearby towns of Moka, Quatre Bornes and of course, the Cybercity at Ebene. Watching the buildings, the roads and the cars from such a height is a completely different experience.

On that Sunday, it was raining early morning but that could not break the spirit of our climbers and finally Nature supported their endeavor and the sun shone bright in the clear sky. We had encouraged our staffs to bring along their respective families to make the trip more enjoyable. Reaching the summit was like a “dream come true” as the trek had been “breathtaking” for some. But after looking down from the summit, there were no regrets. It was worth an effort. Everybody had a great time and enjoyed to the fullest. We hope to organize such activities more often and we all get to know each other in a better way.